Coach Tom Ryan - Ohio State University

Evaluating and assessing ourselves is critical in one's development. The ability to do that with our student-athletes was enhanced through the use of MatBoss. We also were able to grab key stats immediately following the match that assisted our staff in assessing areas of focus in the room.

Coach Brian Smith - University of Missouri

Matboss works great for our program. The app makes it easy to organize and download all of your team’s film. The ability to go right to the scoring situations in each match makes it easier for breaking the film down. We keep statistics on attempts and all scoring situations and this system makes it easy to log all of that data. Being able to show the athletes the film and the statistical breakdown teaches and motivates them in the areas they need to improve on.

Coach Brian Anderson - Wabash College

The biggest benefit we found with MatBoss was being able to watch recorded matches of our guys and of scouted opponents anytime, anywhere from any device. It also streamlined our season stats for the entire program. We also liked the ability to organize and store each wrestler's matches in their own file. MatBoss is a great tool for the program at a minimal cost, and the company was very accessible, helpful and always wanting suggestions to better their service and product.

Coach James Gotto - Coe College

MatBoss has made recording matches during competitions much easier with having the scoring and wrestlers names already done saved a lot of time and it was very easy to use.

Coach Joe Tolnai - University of Chicago

This app saved the coaching staff 15-20 hours a week and gave wrestlers same day if not instant access to their matches. I am very impressed with MatBoss.

Coach Brent Bieshaar - Regis Jesuit High School, CO

MatBoss has changed the way we coach. We post team results once a week and talk about what we're doing well and what we need to improve on. We also sit down with each wrestler and review film. One of the things we do during that session is print out custom reports and evaluate each category with the wrestler to determine what we need to emphasize. It makes us tailor our coaching to the individual allowing us to focus on what needs to be improved, allowing us to put the wrestler in the best position to win.

Coach Ryan LaBrie - Malta High School, MT

MatBoss has revolutionized the way we approach video review and stat processes for training purposes. When you integrate the video with the action as MatBoss does, nothing gets missed! Just as important, the MatBoss team is willing to adapt and grow with us. It's a must-have all-in-one!

Coach David Early - Plainfield East High School, IL

MatBoss saved us hours and hours of time entering stats. The online app gave our wrestlers easy access to their accounts to watch their videos. Then we as a coaching staff used statistics that we didn't even think about as part of our practice planning due to the increase in data that the app provides us.

Coach Mark Norgaard - Poplar High School, MT

MatBoss has the ability to take your program to the next level. All other sports have days where they study film, well now wrestling has the same ability thanks to MatBoss. Now our athletes have their matches at their fingertips and can learn from their mistakes almost instantly.

Coach Sean White - Buena Vista University

MatBoss has been so useful in reviewing matches. It also has allowed for our wrestlers to have full access to their videos so they can watch and learn from what they see. It has also made things very simple for our managers.

Coach Joe Joyce - Kelly High School, IL

I would definitely recommend this product. As a matter of fact, I have told all of my fellow coaches in my conference about this awesome app!

Coach Lincoln Kyle - Wabash College

I really enjoyed working with you MatBoss this season. They were very helpful whenever I needed help. I can't wait to work with MatBoss again next season.

Coach Chris Donnay - Rogers High School, MN

MatBoss is a great way to keep stats and to allow wrestlers to watch there matches to achieve better results. We use it for stats, coaching, and to make weekly and seasonal highlight videos. It is easy for the managers and the customer support is second to none.

Coach Joe Puncochar - Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted High School, MN

MatBoss made my first season as head coach more organized. Once my managers got used to the program it worked well for our us.

Coach Craig Hanson - East Valley High School, WA

This is a very easy way to combine your stats and video recording all in one. The user friendly and intuitive features make it easy for stats/managers to pick up on almost immediately and use. The fact that information goes to Track Stats is a bonus. We are really looking forward to the new features next year. Far better than any other program out there.

Coach John Shimming - Whitewater Unified School District, WI

I believe that the implementation of MatBoss was a great addition for our team this year. It allowed student athletes to easily watch their matches as well as the the ability to critique matches for them as they watched. We really liked this feature as it was much better than the use of other programs as it was more wrestling-friendly.

Coach Robert Takseraas - Seaford High School, NY

I love using matboss! It was a very valuable tool for our team this past season and I plan to continue using it. I also love that there are constant improvements being made.

Coach Frank Battaglia - Sparta Township High School, NJ

Matboss has really helped me with my coaching. I can see where our common and individual mistakes are as well as fine tune our wrestling by breaking down their positioning from our feet and on the mat. Scouting opponents has been more effective and efficient because we can go right to when scoring happens. I would definitely recommend this software to fellow coaches.

Coach Jeff Sill - Seneca High School, FL

Mattboss has really cut down on the time spent on transferring stats.

Coach Allen Snyder - Jersey Community High School, NJ

It is great, a real time saver and a good tool to have!

Coach Brock Moore - English Valleys High School, IA

We used Matboss this year, and are very happy. The technical support was great. It also saved use so much time with reviewing video. It's easier than the competitions platform and frees up so much of your time to better your wrestlers!

Coach Wade Pinkston - Lafayette High School, MO

MatBoss was a surprise gem. In one weekend tournament we left our old video management method in favor of MatBoss. The ability to track stats and search by wrestler are phenomenal.

Coach Chad Chieffalo - Seminole Ridge High School, FL

I love MatBoss! The overall product and service have been exceptional. The MatBoss staff is very responsive and timely. I always get help when needed. I have already recommended your MatBoss to several area schools, some of which are opening accounts. Keep up the good work!

Coach Mike Montgomery - Sparta High School, WI

This was our first year of using the MatBoss stats and video program. It provided an excellent platform for video taping matches, collecting stats and offering a coaching and teaching tool for individual improvement. The technical support and assistance is what I was most impressed with. Any questions or issues were dealt with immediately and always with a follow up to make sure everything was OK. I enjoyed working with John and Phil and look forward to the new and improved MatBoss.

Coach Bob Adams - Coon Rapids High School, MN

I've been coaching for 34 years and I'm a fanatic when it comes to stats, season records and Career records- stats motivate kids! The banquet program is filled with stats and now The Mat Boss has literally saved me hours and hours of time. This past year, John Peterson, installed a career stats package that will track career stats as well that will save more time. The program is a coaches dream!

Coach Andrew Campbell - Rochester Adams High School, MI

I have used the MatBoss app for the past two seasons and it has been extremely helpful to not only our staff but the wrestlers as well. Our team definitely has benefited from the video footage portion as well as our stats. MatBoss is continuously improving their website as well as the app always having updates and new features. Their technical support has always been right there when I needed them and resolved any issues I had in a timely fashion. I definitely recommend MatBoss to any wrestling program that wants to take their team to the next level.

Coach Jory Casterline - Glasgow High School, MT

Matboss is the complete package. The ability to video and record on the same device is invaluable. This is hands down the best program on the market and the only one that I will use.

Coach Dan Lefebvre - St. Michael-Albertville High School, MN

MatBoss has provided an easy method for us to videotape our wrestler’s matches and an efficient way for them to access and view their matches online. In addition, the stats program is user friendly and provides us with all of the reports that we need.